Tuaneka product roadmap

At Tuaneka, we're developing a comprehensive platform, leveraging the power of AI to cater to the needs of freelancers and businesses alike. We're proud to present our roadmap, showcasing the future of our platform.



We've laid the foundation with our user-friendly invoicing system. It's free forever, making billing operations seamless and efficient.


Mobile App

Coming in June 2023, manage your invoicing on the go with our fully-featured mobile app, a perfect companion for the busy freelancer.

AI-Powered Proposal Assistant

Launching in June 2023, our AI-powered proposal assistant will help you create personalized and compelling proposals, increasing your project acquisition success rate.


AI-Powered Freelance Job Posting and Discovery

In July 2023,we're introducing an intelligent job posting and discovery feature. Businesses will effortlessly find the perfect freelancers, and freelancers will discover the jobs that best suit their skills and interests.

AI-Powered Business Intelligence

Our future plans include an AI-powered business intelligence feature. Get actionable insights, understand your business better, and make informed decisions.


AI-Powered Development Tools

Tuaneka is packed with features designed for your convenience. From customizable proposal templates to an easy-to-use invoicing system, we've got you covered. Not to mention, the invoicing system is free to use forever! Manage your entire project lifecycle on a single platform with Tuaneka.

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