Hello, Investors

Welcome to tuaneka
  • Harnessing the power of AI in Africa's thriving freelance marketplace.
  • Empowering African freelancers with cutting-edge tools.
  • Unique platform that allows freelancers to retain 100% of their earnings.
  • Disrupting the norm where incumbents charge up to 25% in fees.
  • On a mission to be Africa's largest freelance marketplace.

Our Vision

Our mission at Tuaneka is to redefine freelancing by empowering Africa's freelancers with AI-driven tools that accelerate their business growth and profitability. By eliminating fees on our platform, we put more earnings in freelancers' pockets and make it easier for them to succeed.

AI-Powered Solutions

Our suite of AI-powered tools is designed to streamline freelancers' operations:

AI Proposal Generator

Our tool creates compelling proposals, speeding up the business development process.

Invoicing Tool

Already in use by over 3000 businesses in Africa, our invoicing tool simplifies payment management and tracking.

Product and Service Showcasing

Freelancers can easily promote their services through our upcoming platform.

AI Business Reporting and Support Tools

We're creating a suite of reporting and support tools to provide valuable business insights.

Global freelance marketplace currently valued at $3.8 billion

  • Market forecasted to grow to $9 billion by 2027.
  • Growth propelled by the digital revolution and evolving workforce trends.
  • Tuaneka is strategically positioned to disrupt traditional freelance models.
  • Our platform empowers freelancers, meeting the needs of the modern workforce

Our Competitive Advantage

Tuaneka's primary competitive advantage lies in our innovative business model that fundamentally redefines how freelance platforms operate. By prioritizing the financial well-being of freelancers, we've cultivated a value proposition so compelling that it drives freelancers to our platform in droves. Our competition, the industry incumbents, are entrenched in a business model that relies heavily on imposing fees on freelancers. To match our disruptive approach, they would have to overhaul their existing business models—a near-impossible feat given their established infrastructure and customer expectations. This leaves them with only one viable option to contend with us: acquisition. Thus, our strategic positioning not only disrupts the status quo but also sets us up as an attractive acquisition target for industry incumbents.

Traction and Validation

Our free invoicing tool has already been adopted by over 3000 businesses across Africa, a testament to the demand for our innovative solutions. We believe that this strong early adoption demonstrates the market potential for our comprehensive freelance platform.



We're seeking $2 million in initial seed funding. Here's how we intend to utilize the funds:

Product Development


Marketing and User Acquisition


Team Expansion and Operations


Our Team

We're a passionate team of innovators, tech enthusiasts, and business strategists committed to driving the AI revolution in Africa's freelance market. We believe in our mission and have the skills to turn our vision into reality.


Invest in Tuaneka

With our AI-driven platform, we're poised for significant user growth and increased market share, providing an outstanding investment opportunity.